24 August 2017

I've about one month here in my current company. At end of next month, I will leave to another local company. I want to write some thing during my 6.5 years career here.

I clearly remember the first time I come to Jian She 2 road in Xiaoshan. That's a sunny day, when I come to the office, a male HR leads me to the meeting room and gives me a paper of employment application. He also brings me a cup of hot green tea. In my memory, the tea is not so good, that the tea is debris of leaves. Then I fill in the personal information to the paper, and get ready for interview. This is what I require people to do hundreds of times after I promoted as a team leader and manager. The template of employment application is still the same several years later till now.

Then the interview starts, an German elder man introduces himself and hands me a name card. The gentle man is my boss in following three years. I still keep the name card, which has his English and Chinese name in each side. Quite soon after my onboard, I also a box of such name cards, counting about 100 pieces. I do not have chance to hand out all the name cards before I print another box of name card with new R&D manager title. The interview is organized as self introduction, project experiences and some characteristic tests. During the interview, my boss also writes some function definition on whiteboard, and asks me to pinpoint the problem in the function body. The whiteboard is a high tech device, which can print the content of the whiteboard to thermal sensitive paper. Boss is very talkative, he introduces himself, and also explains what products this R&D center will contribute to. It is a good talk, when I leave, the HR said to me, your English is very well. Because he has planned to help me to translate during the interview. That afternoon, I drive car back to home very easy and pleasant.

Several days later, I received the offer letter, then I applied for resignation. And after half month vacation, I joined the new company with a new career life. The date was April 11, 2011.