25 August 2017

I officially joined current company on April 11, 2011.

There is no special project ongoing, what I am responsible is to coach the organization to adopt Agile and Scrum method, as I have Certified ScrumMaster certification from the training from last company. I prepare Scrum training presentation, exercise, and tools. I also prepare and give training on TDD(Test-Driven Development) and Pair Programming. That's a happy time, because I like to study new methodology, and introduce to others.

At the same time, I also enrolled in a Psychological Consultant program at weekend. After more than half year study, finally I pass the examination, and get the National Certification of Psychological Consultant. I still remember that day, when I get the certification, I invite all the colleagues to a restaurant to have lunch together, including my boss.

Till then, I have the basic concept on Coach and Psychological Consultant methodology. These knowledge is helpful during my training and also self management.

That year is a happy year. All the colleagues are very young and single. We organize quite a lot of amusement activities after work. We go to bars and Kara OK. We drink beer, sing, and play ice breaking games. But several months later, I find that this is not my life style. I do not like hanging out at night, drink and talk. I like to study, to read, to learn and to sleep early. I reject some team activities, and gradually, my colleagues do not invite me to bars and drink.

That time, I am the twelfth colleague in the company, including my boss.