28 August 2017

After several months of ice breaking, I am finally involved in a new product development. It is a hardware/software co-design project, and HW is the leading role in this MCU level design. Most of the technical base is from Germany team. So China team organize a technical discussion in Germany site. Unfortunately, because I am the second engineer in the embedded software team, I do not have the chance to visit Germany. The one visit Germany is a fresh graduated engineer with limited development experience. But anyway, the project is mainly focus on HW part, so the hardware engineers participate the discussion actively. Embedded software part just follow up the discussion.

The product contains a series of modules, so the organization is growing very fast during the year 2012. I am also very happy during that phase that I am responsible for one module and the common part of field BUS communication. The project has several sub-project coordinator in hardware, embedded software, and desktop software. In the beginning, that fresh graduated engineer is the coordinator. But because of his limited development experience, I am required by boss to involve the project synchronization. I setup the Scrum method in embedded software development process, participate the technical discussion, write patents and also interview new candidates. I grow quite fast during year 2012, both in technology and management.

The next year, my boss tell me that I have more potential. So later, I am promoted officially as team leader of embedded software team.