29 August 2017

In the beginning of the new position as team leader, I think it is not a good role.

First, I do not have the chance to rotate work in Germany for 2 years. There was a very important project in Germany, which need more resources for analog input module. And I was the suitable person, because my first task here was analog input module design. But I was team leader now, so it is not suitable for me to travel abroad for such a long time. One of my team members participated this project, and he got a higher position after 3 years abroad work.

Second, I cannot full put my time to any specific project. From technical point of view, I cannot accumulate technical experiences. And I cannot participate technical discussion abroad with German and Swedish experts.

Third, as I was not the founding role in the organization. It is hard to get support from the old colleagues. I just cannot integrate into this founding team, which is constituted by oversea returnee Chinese. The top manager of this foreign invested organization has the mindset that oversea educated Chinese is better in communication with foreigners.

But anyway, I take this challenge as a local educated team leader in the foreign invested company.