30 August 2017

Yesterday, I listed three passive aspects of being a team leader. Today, I will list some positive aspects.

  • You will have a team to lead. You can impact them, organize them, and later the team will be in your style. You recruit new people. You choose the people suitable for the team culture. It feels like you are raising a baby. You contribute full of your mind to let the baby grow strong.
  • You have the chance to practice people management skill. This is a great challenge for a manager from technical background. You capture tiny emotional change of the people; you sense the political smell; and you take action to prevent dangerous things happen. Just as my former German boss said, being a leader need to grow antennas in your head, which can sense tiny changes in the team.
  • You can talk to top management team. From these top managers, you can get more information and also learn from them how to be a good leader. These guys are time proved talent people. You can learn from them how they response to stimulus, how they talk to impact people and how they achieve result.
  • You have to think strategically. You need to plan the team's development road map. You develop the understanding of high level technology trend, and you can plan some future preparation. And finally, the coming future will check whether your decision is correct. Thus, you can practice the ability of predicting the future.
  • You have a higher position and salary. Through my salary is not always the highest one in the team.
  • You have more chance to participate internal and external training. Most of the training if focus on people management skill. Big company is generous in investigating money for managers.