04 September 2017

After more than 6 years of working here, I finally believe that the truth of the saying: "chance favor the prepared mind".

Only when I am leading and coordinating the development work, am I promoted as a team leader.

From a team leader point of view, I also prefer to give more chance to the members, who accomplish the assigned task well and show good potential. This is a natural rule because any leaders want to choose the low risk option. The proved competent people will complete the assigned task in low risk.

Some people always complain that their leaders do not give them any chance to demonstrate themselves. But they do not want to make any effort to finish the tasks as well as possible. That's a dangerous loop. You cannot show your potential, you do not get new chance. You do not get new chance, you limit your influence circle. The only way is to put your whole energy the most important task in your hand.

Once there was an emergent bug need to be solved. But I response to my boss improperly. He remember this case forever, and mention this case in quite many private performance discussion. The bug is an urgent customer case, and that time all the team is busy with development work. He come to me, and ask for support. I tell him that we do not have enough people for this case. And finally, I assigned a less executive people to handle this case. After this case, I believe that my boss is take me from the list of new challenge and new chances.

Anyway, I should learn from these cases, and do it better in new position.