06 September 2017

I just received gifts from one of our junior engineer. Two books about the management method of Huawei. Huawei is the fast growing company in China. The reason he purchase these books for me is that he believe in Huawei's way of company management. Foreign invested company usually has some problems:

  • product development schedule is always delaying
  • difficult to make local decision, as most of the tasks comes from abroad
  • people enjoy the high benefit while not want to donate their effort for the company
  • people do not have enough chance for more challenges and growing
  • the future is foreseeable that you contribute to company and get promotion after each several years

But the culture companies like Huawei is quite different. Most of the people in Huawei is energetic youth. They are proud of their work and their company. They want to fully donate their life the rapidly growing company.

If the project development progress is out of schedule, engineers may overtime work to catch up the schedule. They are responsible for the whole products, because they share the success of the products. In this kind of growing company, people will face lots of challenges and chances. They learn and grow very fast.

I read through these two books and think again on how to setup the R&D center culture in my new role.