07 September 2017

At beginning of the year, I planned to write two or three patents every year. But unfortunately, I haven't write any patent this year. I totally drafted 3 patents during my 77 month work here. That's 0.5 patent in average.

The idea behind this good wish is that I want to continuously study and improve technical competency. It is a good way to deeply understand the technical problem by writing a patent or paper.

First, you need to understand the design and implementation. Based on the deep understanding, you can extract the innovative ideas.

Second, you also need to know the similar innovative ideas other people have issued as a patent. You look into the patent database, read and confirm that your idea is new and innovative.

Third, you have to clearly convert the idea to structured article with architecture and data flow diagram. You should state:

  • which problem the the invention solves
  • what's the novel points
  • what's the advantages and limitations
  • what's the future ideas

Practically, the working hours cannot be fully booked. A proactive person can make use of the time window between two projects to mediate the lessons learned from previous project and prepare knowledge. Writing a patent or paper is also a good practice to consolidate the learning.