08 September 2017

This year, I initiated one practice to share one newly learned word to each other in the morning stand up meeting. The purpose of this activity is to enlarge English vocabulary together. If we really put effort on this, we can learn 10 new words everyday in a team of ten person.

But one of the colleagues shows strong resistant to this idea. I talked with him privately, but do not get him to follow the practice. Only when my boss talked to him, he turned out to agree with this practice.

My mistake is that I only get feedback from several persons of the team on how their feeling to this practice. But I did not talked to this team member before we started the daily word learning activity. One reason is that he is always sitting in the laboratory downstair, so I only talked with the team members sitting upstair.

How did my boss(NY) successfully persuade him(JJ) to accept the activity? Firstly, NY figured out the week point of JJ by asking him whether he has travel abroad with his family and whether he finds his English is poor. JJ remembered one he took his wife to travel abroad, and he cannot talk in English for daily communication. Then his wife complained that an employee from a foreign invested company cannot speak English well. Secondly, NY told JJ that the reason I initiated this study activity is to improve team's English. Thirdly, NY asked one question to JJ, whether he want to improve English? Finally, JJ fully cooperated in the study activity.

I learned from this case that a leader should find the inner motivation of the team members when leading a change, such as

  • self improvement
  • life success
  • responsibility
  • respect