11 September 2017

It is important to choose to present the right information in right time and to right person.

For example, I once demonstrated our technical solution to some high level managers of financial controller, HR and marketing. As a technology leader, I easily go to quite detailed implementation. My boss helped me to get out of the details and let me focus more on the benefit and cost saving numbers.

This story tells us that before presenting, you should do some investigation on the audiences, and choose the topics they interested in.

Another time, a technology manager from another BU visited us, and I've prepared some slides to introduce the development process and method we are using. Again, even though he is the technology manager, he did not interested with this topic. I go through the slides without too much interaction.

This story tells us that some top manager responsible for the area may not interested with other people to tell them more information about the area. They may think they are the people very familiar with this area, and don't want others to waste time to tell them more details. So you should be sensitive, and make presentation this way:

  • list the agenda of the presentation
  • ask the audience whether they are interested in the topics, if they like the topic, you can go to more details
  • otherwise, just summarize the information, and go to next topic