13 September 2017

As a team leader, it is very important to learn how to control your emotion. If you lose control of your emotion, you are in a dangerous situation, that people will consider you are not a trustful and mature person.

Once, one of our team leaders gets out of control of his team members, they apply for business trips by themselves. This team leader soon gets out of control of his emotion too.

He starts to be nervous and aggressive. He thinks all the people around him are his enemy. He blames all the people in the meeting room.

Anyone joins the the conversation will him angry. He starts to check the history to blame others.

And finally, he gets out of the room by dumping out the door. All the people out of the meeting room feel his angry.

I do not know how other people think of this case. For me, I think this leader is very immature. What he does only makes the situation worse.

As a leader, it is very important to control personal emotion. The Chinese saying: "处变不惊,容止若思,言辞安定(be calm in an emergency, appearance as in thinking, speaking tranquilly)" is a good motto for the people easy to out of emotional control.