15 September 2017

Though I am a technical leader in the company, I still need to interact with internal or external visitors.

Last time, some foreign colleagues visited us for the product requirement clarification. I also joined the discussion. Because we met the first time, I gave my name cards to each of the guests and they also gave me theirs.

My boss observed the whole story and he privately talked to me after the meeting. He said it is not needed to exchange name cards between colleagues in the same company.

Maybe he is right. But I think there is no standard answer to this situation. Sometimes the foreign colleagues visit us and they give me name cards voluntarily.

Thus I list some situation, we can exchange name cards with guests:

  • surely, we should give back name card if guests give us theirs first
  • if people cannot spell your name, you can provide name card for easy to remember
  • if you are meet only for once, it is better to keep a name card for future to check the contact information
  • if other people ask for your contact information

So when you are going to meet some visitors and guests, it is better to bring some name cards with you.