22 May 2014

I've always planned to get up at half past four. Today, I wake up at 4:24 and after a short refresh, I get up at 4:30.

This idea is inspired by 中島孝志《朝4時起きの仕事術―誰も知らない「朝いちばん」活用法》1(4 點起床:最養生和高效的時間管理)2. Thus in fact I get up half hour later than 4:00.

Anyway, after I wash up myself, there are more than two hours left for me to make use of. During this time, I can read books, schedule my day plan, write blogs, study languages, water my plants or cook breakfast for my wife and daughter.

Yesterday, when I was in the shuttle bus back home, I was wondering that I cannot find enough time to learn German and French. Because I get office at 8:30, have lunch at 12:00 for half hour, and continue work at 12:30, then leave office at 17:05. When I'm back to home, I should drive to our parents' to have supper. And after that we play with Vivi until 20:30 when Vivi fall sleep. Then we have one or two hours free, but very tired. It is not a good idea to use brain exhaustedly just before sleep.

So what? 2 hours in the morning(5:00~7:00) is the gold time learning and creative activities.

BTW: It takes 40 minutes(5:00~5:40) for me to write this article. Inefficient!