20 October 2014

1 Introduction

I need to follow up all the open bugs assigned to my team, so I create OPEN items in orgmode todo files. The detailed information of the bug can be looked up in bug system. Now the question is that I need a convenient way to open these bug in web browser. The most suitable way is to extend orgmode link type to support the bug system URL.

2 Extend orgmode link type

I defined new type of orgmode link "BUG:123", it will lead me to "http://my.local-bugsystem.com?ID=123".

My org-bug.el looks like this:

(require 'org)

(org-add-link-type "BUG" 'org-bug-open)

(defun org-bug-open (path)
  "Visit the tracker bug on path, PATH should be a bug ID."
   (concat "http://my.local-bugsystem.com?Id=" path)))

(provide 'org-bug)

And then add one line to my .emacs file:

(load-file "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/org-bug.el")