21 August 2015

Since July 1, I reached 8th year as a software engineer. I have worked in Nokia Siemens Networks(now Nokia Solutions and Network) for 2 and three quarters as platform system engineer and Scrum Master for the team. And later on April 11, 2011, I joined ABB as automation system software engineer and later promoted as team supervisor.

After taking management tasks for three years, I found that I am not good in communication:

  • I cannot deliver positive messages to my boss. So I am always been challenged even the bottle neck is not on me, and also I cannot win more honor for my team.
  • I cannot persuade myself to take lots of private time to business dinner and other activities. I want my work and life are balanced.
  • I prefer simple relationships not complex personal connections.
  • I like information transparency. I am not able to hide information and take advantage of the information asymmetry. I feel upset if others take advantage of the asymmetry.

I will develop my management skills and at the same time, I will focus on improving my technical expertise by concentration.

According to Robert Toru Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", the management skills are categorized in to three areas:

  • financial management
  • time management
  • people management

For financial management, I will talk this in another article, because it has less relationship with my current problems.

My problems are mainly in time management and people management, especially in people management.

For people management skill improvement, I will:

  • create a book list for different kind of management skills,
  • subscript to podcast or video lessons for communication skill,
  • and practise the management and communication theory and improve it.

For time management skill, I have established the GTD system with emacs and org-mode. I should try to make full use of GTD system and continuously improve the system. With the help of GTD system, I can make full use of my work time, and focus on accumulating technical expertise experience. Then I can say I am working in high efficiency.