21 February 2023

昨天读到 Samanis et al. (Samanis, Gardiner, and Rashid 2022) 的一篇论文,看到以下这段话:

Our approach involves transforming policies from simply a means to enforce security requirements defined a priori, to adaptive objects that are capable to evolve in response to unfolding attacks.


这里咱们遇到一个拉丁语单词 a priori 即 from causes to the effect,先验的,超越经验的。

在上面这段话的语境中, security requirement defined a priori 指的是在未遭遇安全攻击之前,所事先提出的一些网络安全需求。

再举个例子:There has been considerable recent interest in methods of determining sample size for qualitative research a priori, rather than through an adaptive approach such as saturation. 相对于通过饱和的适应方法,最近大家对确定样本大小的先验定量研究更感兴趣。(实在有点绕口)

那么,与 a priori 相对应的就是后验,即 a posteriori,凭经验得到的。


An optimal control approach to a posteriori error estimation in finite element methods



Samanis, Emmanouil, Joseph Gardiner, and Awais Rashid. 2022. “Adaptive Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructure.” In 2022 ACM/IEEE 13th International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS), 304–5. doi:10.1109/ICCPS54341.2022.00043.