08 March 2023

昨天看了 Xu Lei, et. al. (Xu et al. 2020) 写的一篇论文,介绍如何使用 FPGA 作为 TEE,构建工业物联网区块链系统的方案,因为用的是联盟区块链,所以他们写道:a device/server can participate the system only if it has a private key with corresponding public key endorsed by all administrators.

这个 endorse 是背书、认可、赞同的意思。这里是指设备服务节点的非对称密钥的公钥被管理员认可了,才能参与区块链网络连接。

至于背书、认可的过程,作者写道:All administrators verify the signature \(\sigma_{c_{s}}\) using the public key \(pk^D_{BSP}\), which they obtained directly from the device D. Then they endorse the public key \(pk^D_{BS}\) by signing it using their private keys and the multisignature scheme, and D can use \(sk^D_{BS}\) for interaction with other components of the system for authentication and other attestation purposes.

所有区块链节点管理员签名认可了设备的公钥之后,参能与其他节点交互通信。这种多签名机制,就能避免了单一信任问题:To guarantee the genuineness of the corresponding public key, administrators physically obtain public keys from devices and then endorse them using a multi-signature scheme.

Lee et. al. 也写过一篇利用区块链管理物联网的文章 (Lee et al. 2021),其中也提到了区块链背书机制:In order to reduce both latency and traffic in IIoT blockchain network, we propose an endorsement policy that allows orderer to collect the endorsed responses from various endorsers instead of a client which transmits transaction proposals only.

这里 endorsement 是背书的名词,endorser 是背书人。

其实前缀 en- 有 put on,装上,穿上的意思。而 dorse 则来自拉丁语 dossum,即后背的意思。连在一起,相当于是在背面装上、写上点东西,表示认可。最早的意思,是指在纸质文档的背面签名确认。那么,在数字化时代,就是对实体的公钥进行签名认可。

与 dossum 相关的还有 dorsal,背部的、后背的。


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