26 March 2023

最近看书遇到不少 aspiration,比如:

Any enterprise integration program must be business driven and reflect the goals and aspirations of management concerning the expected outcome of the integration endeavor. 企业信息继承项目必须是业务驱动的,反映了管理层的目标和抱负。

这里 aspiration,是渴望、抱负的意思。这词来自拉丁语 aspirationem,本意是向最远的地方吹气。 拉丁语 ad + spirare,ad 是 to,spirare 是呼吸。所以 aspire 的本意就是朝这最远的地方呼吸,即渴望、有志向于某事。

比如,前几天,我们管理层开会,PPT 中有一句:By end of 2024, aspire to have xxx in place. 到 2024 年第,我们有志于实现 xxx 项目的产品化。

Ross Mcilroy et. al. (Mcilroy et al. 2019) 的一篇芯片安全论文中也用到了这个词:Computer systems aspire to enforce three key security properties: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 计算机系统立志于强化三个安全属性:保密、完整,以及可用性。


Every project finds itself in tension with competing aspirations. (PMI 2017) 每个项目都处于多个竞争的目标的紧张关系中。

Hope is the bridge between aspiration and the disappointments of reality. (Carucci 2021) 希望是连接渴望的志向与现实的失望的桥梁。

level of performance in relation to his aspiration level. (Openstax 2019) 绩效的等级与其渴望程度相关。

另外,aspirational 是 aspiration 的形容词形式,即有雄心壮志的、梦寐以求的。

比如,Thomas Gamer, et. al. (Gamer et al. 2019) 的一篇论文,介绍自动化系统的自主控制等级,提到:Today, this is still largely aspirational, but for instance an electric self-driving mining vehicle for fully autonomous loading of the ore would carry major advantages of safety and productivity. 如今,完全自主驾驶很大程度上还只是雄心壮志的目标。但是在矿区的自动驾驶已经能够完全自主执行挖矿加载操作。实现了安全高效矿区运营。


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