21 April 2023

Kyuchang Kang, et. al. (Kang, Lee, and Choi 2007) 写了一个关于小设备部署机制的论文,其中提到了 Jini 技术: The Jini technology provides simple mechanisms that enable devices to form impromptu communities, which can be assembled without any planning, installation, or human intervention.

文中的 impromptu 意思是没有提前准备的,即兴的。这个词来自拉丁语 in promptu ,promptu 是 promptus 的离格形式,动词原形是 promere 产生、激发。in promptu可以理解为现场激发的。

Peter Cappelli (Cappelli 2021) 关于未来企业的企业办公室,也用到这个词:Companies made impromptu decisions to cope with the pandemic’s ever-changing parameters. 公司在没有准备的情况下,作出一些决定,应对新冠隔离。

Impromptu 也是即兴曲的意思,比如萧邦的 Fantaisie-impromptu(Op.66)。


Cappelli, Peter. 2021. The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face. Wharton School Press.
Kang, Kyuchang, Jeunwoo Lee, and Hoon Choi. 2007. “Device Detection and Driver Provisioning Mechanism for Small Devices.” The 9th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology 3: 1587–90.