22 May 2023

工业控制系统紧急响应小组 ICS-CERT 发布了一份恶意软件趋势白皮书 ((ICS-CERT) 2016),讨论到注入测试软件的时候,提到,如果这些测试软件被坏人利用,实际上可能会成为攻击武器:

While these tools have real-world application for testing the resiliency of the network against malicious actors, these resources pose a real danger due to their exposure of live ammunition when in the hands of an attacker.

这里有个单词 ammunition,意思是军火, 弹药。事实上,这个词是从法语学过来的时候,拼写错误产生的。法语里的 la munition 被英国人听到后,拼写成了 ammunition。而 munition 其实是军需品的意思。

至于 munition,则来自拉丁语 moénia, moénium,意思是城墙。大概是用来防御敌人的。现在法语里的墙就是 mur,不知道是不是也从这个拉丁语单词传过来的。

再比如最近 G7 的新闻:

US President Joe Biden will announce a $375 million military aid package for Ukraine while in Hiroshima, Japan, where he is attending the 2023 G7 Summit of world leaders, a US official said on Friday.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the package will include artillery, ammunition and HIMARS rocket launchers.

美国 JB 总统在日本宣称要给乌克兰 3.75 亿美元军费,用于炮弹、军火等。


(ICS-CERT), Industrial Control Systems Emergency Response Team. 2016. “Malware Trends.” Advanced Analytical Laboratory (AAL).