27 May 2023

在 Robert Heinlein 的一本科幻小说《Stranger in a Strange Land》中有一个叫 Valentine Michael Smith 的人,他出生在去往火星的飞船上。但是任务失败了。等到很久以后,人们发现了唯一的幸存者 Smith,并把他带回地球。 Smith 认为自己是个火星人,还讲火星话,其中 Heinlein 发明了一个词 grok,意思是“彻底的理解”,“凭直觉深刻了解”,“心意相通”。


Markov’s idea is actually pretty simple — but its simplicity is often obstructed by thick layers of mathematical formulas and formal definitions. Few people actually grok it. (http://filiph.github.io/markov/


It is a kind of strict flowchart language that only allows you to do it in one way, which may be bad for some, but it helps how fast you can grok it when you understand the simple rules. (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=36021495

这里说的是一种严格的流程图语言 Dragon 语言,如果你懂得其简单的规则,就能快速理解。