19 June 2023

今天介绍 Carla A. Harris 在 Lead to Win 中用到的一个词 toe the line:

In decades past, many CEOs controlled employees through fear. They threatened any employees who didn’t toe the line and follow orders with demotions and job loss.

这段话的意思是:多年以来很多 CEO 都是通过恐吓来控制员工,他们吓唬那些不听话的员工,给他们降级、炒他们鱿鱼。

这句话中,toe the line 的意思是听从命令,遵守规则,to do what is expected.



Sarah didn’t agree with the policy, but she decided to toe the company line. Sarah 不赞成公司政策,但是还是决定服从公司要求。

Venture capitalist Dovi Frances refuses to toe the tech industry’s political line, and warns that Israel is unprepared for the AI future.

这些例子里 toe the line 扩展成 toe the company line, toe the tech industry’s political line. 可以理解服从(toe) 为所对应的主体的规则(line)。