10 January 2024


This function enables direct and time-saving communication between slaves using broadcast communication without the detour over a master. (PROFIBUS, Slave-to-slave Communication).

这里,有一个词 detour 意思是绕行路线、迂回路线。比如 we had to make a detour round the floods. 我们绕道避开洪水。

前面那段文字的意思是通过 slave-to-slave 的通信机制,可以绕开 master 节点。因为一般的,主从通信协议,所以从设备都是被动的设备,只响应主设备的请求。PROFIBUS 扩展了 DP-V2 可以直接发起从设备到从设备的通信,所以说,可以绕道主设备进行通信。

另外,在 (Friedl et al. 2020) 的一篇论文中,提出了一个信息模型转换生成方法,因为没有用到 UML 作为中间模型,所以作者说 The approach proposed here is a direct use of OPC UA without a detour via UML.

其实,从这个词的拼写来看,它是来自法语的 détour ,早期的读音应该是 [ˊdeituә] 后来读音才变成 [’di:tuә]。而法语则又从拉丁语里的 destorner 转变而来。


  • You’d be wise to make a detour to avoid the roadworks. 绕道。
  • While discussing education, she took a sharp detour into trade policy. take a detour 绕道,这里是岔开主题的意思。

最近的新闻:The detour south around the African continent causes additional costs for Hapag-Lloyd in the double-digit millions every month, according to the spokesman.



Friedl, Sebastian, Christian von Arnim, Armin Lechler, and Alexander Verl. 2020. “Generation of OPC UA Companion Specification with Eclipse Modeling Framework.” In 2020 16th IEEE International Conference on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS), 1–7. doi:10.1109/WFCS47810.2020.9114448.