03 June 2024

今年春天,我在我们厂发起了一个精益 6 西格玛项目。我在这里 (Antony, Vinodh, and Gijo 2016) 看到Lean Six Sigma的介绍:

LSS is not a quick fix or flavour of the month or management fad, but rather it is a proven business strategy which can deliver bottom-line results and a world-class practice for making your business processes efficient and effective.

fad 指的是一时的流行、时尚、狂热等。比如:

Will Kimi continue to collect stamps or is it only a passing fad?

据说这个词是 fiddle-faddle 的简写,意思是无关紧要的小东西、瞎闹、胡扯。

He’s concerned with petty fiddle-faddle about his personal arrangements.

fiddle-faddle 也就是 nonsense,德语为 Unsinn,法语为 foutaise。

也有说 fad 是来自法语的 foutaise。比如:

c’est de la foutaise!

Das ist doch blanker Unsinn! c’est vraiment absurde!


Antony, Jiju, S. Vinodh, and E. V. Gijo. 2016. Lean Six Sigma for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: A Practical Guide. CRC Press. doi:10.1201/9781315372174.