29 June 2024

上周一周都在跟瑞典退休老专家学功能安全。功能安全老专家很喜欢说 it not rocket science. 这不是火箭科学。确实,在功能安全领域,很多失效数据的估计,并没有彻底的数学公式支撑,所以,不能算得上rocket science

所谓rocket science就是 the science of designing or building rockets,引申意为 something that is very difficult to learn or understand The job is challenging, but it’s not exactly rocket science.

比如:My coach always said, “Basketball is not rocket science. It’s about putting the ball in the basket.”


Learning German, it’s not like brain surgery.

There is no challenge in this racing game, it’s a walk in the park.

Learning how to ride a bike is a piece of cake, it just takes a little practice.