01 July 2024

上次讲过,最近在做信息安全的培训 PPT ,学习哈佛商业评论的 PPT 制作课程时,遇到过在flesh out这个词。后面课程也提到,如何给演讲给个好头:

First up is your opening - how are you going to start your presentation? Here, Kevin Friesen, director of academy at Duarte, breaks down the best way to hit the ground running.

这里用了一个习惯用语to hit the ground running,字面看好像是把大地打跑起来,或者是脚蹬大地开始跑步。引申意思是一举成功。

比如:She studied the reports over the weekend so she could hit the ground running when the meeting began. 她在周末学习报告,这样就能在会议开始的时候一举成功。

The Hire Firm 咨询网站的Silas Peterson写过一篇文章1,给出了一些建议,如何在新任岗位上一举成功。文章标题为《5 Steps to Hit the Ground Running in Your New Role》。大概步骤如下:

  1. Prepare for a Professional Impression 给人留下一个专业工作者的初步印象
  2. Be Ready to Absorb Knowledge 随时准备快速吸收知识
  3. Get to Know People 快速熟悉工作相关的同事
  4. Observe the Culture 观察了解企业文化,做事风格
  5. Focus on Adding Value 专注于为企业、老板和同事带来新的价值