14 March 2023

Peter Cappelli 写的《The Future of the Office》 (Cappelli 2021) 提到假期的重要性,写道:

Some companies, such as Marriott International, furloughed 66% of their corporate employees for two months. 有些公司,比如万豪国际给 66% 的员工提供 2 个月的放假。

这个 furlough 是放假的意思,多用于军事中的准假。其实是 for leave 的一个比较古老的写法。

举个例子,比如英国最近在清算,召回了 23 亿英镑新冠期间的企业补助。这些无良企业宣传员工在休假,领取政府补助,其实是在让员工上班。

Efforts by Tory ministers to recover the £2.3 billion of taxpayers’ cash received by employers falsely claiming Covid-19 furlough support for staff who continued to work are “woeful and will fail to deter potential future criminals,” MPs warned today.


Cappelli, Peter. 2021. The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face. Wharton School Press.