17 July 2016

The South China Sea Arbitration: Illegal, Illegitimate and Invalid1





言归正传,先来学习学习 arbitration 这个单词。

1 arbitration

Settling of a dispute by a person or people chosen to do this by both sides in the dispute.


2 Etymology / 源

arbitration 来自拉丁语 arbitratus, arbitrarilatin (作为见证者)的过去分词。

3 Derivation / 衍

  • abiter & arbitrator:仲裁人,裁决人。不过 arbiter 还有权威人士之意。比如 the arbiters of the fashion. 在计算机里,内存、总线的仲裁用 abiter 这个词,比如 memory access arbiter, bus arbiter.
    • Television and film, not Vogue and similar magazines, are the arbiters of fashion.
    • Tiffany markets itself as an arbiter of taste and style. 2蒂芙尼市场推广自己是品味和风格的权威。
    • A memory arbiter is a device used in a shared memory system to decide, for each memory cycle, which CPU will be allowed to access that shared memory.
    • A multiport access memory arbiter was designed to arbitrate the memory access competition between MCU and several inner modules of FPGA.
  • arbitrary:任意、任性、主观的。霸道、专横、独断的。
    • When the return value of a function is always an arbitrary value, you should check whether there is any variable not initialized.
    • DMA is a feature that permits certain hardware devices to access arbitrary physical memory addresses in the host computer.
    • The choice of our boss seems completely arbitrary.
    • This already turns our Constitution into something dependent on his arbitrary will.
    • The way this Trump campaign feels is what arbitrary power feels like. This is what a Trump presidency would feel like, too.
    • One reason constitutional government is such an extremely valuable possession is because it lessens the uncertainty of the social world. The point of having a constitution is to get rid of arbitrary power.3
    • not representing any specific value in Maths: an arbitrary constant.
  • arbitrate:仲裁的动词,做出仲裁。
    • Instead of ushering in external forces, why not let the facts arbitrate?4

4 MultiLanguage / 异

arbitrate: arbitrerfr, schlichtende

  • Dans la pratique, ces lois religieuses sont utilisées pour arbitrer les conflits personnels.
  • Il a fallu arbitrer entre rapidité, parfois même précipitation, et qualité.
  • Ich will, dass Sie einen Streit schlichten.

arbitrary: arbitrairefr, willkürlichde

  • Mann macht willkürlich fremden Frauen in Japan einen Antrag - ohne ein Wort Japanisch sprechen zu können.5
  • Sie kann willkürlich Tränen produzieren.
  • Ainsi, ils ne sont, par exemple, plus exposés aux risques de décision arbitraire de la police.

arbitration: l'arbitragefr, Schiedsspruchde

  • Toute décision opportuniste, que ce soit de la part des Etats-Unis, des Philippines ou de la Cour permanente d'arbitrage, s'avérera vaine en définitive.6
  • Ausländische Experten sehen Schiedsspruch zum Fall im Südchinesischen Meer als politische Farce.7

最后套用上周去上海参加的《Presentation to management team》学到的概念:The competition in the world is mainly the competition of power of redefinition. 中国应对南海仲裁的办法就是重新定义海牙仲裁法庭的合法性问题,从根本上否决仲裁结果。

With that in mind, people may still wonder, if China is so justified, why China does not accept or participate in the arbitration? The Torah teaches: “Distance yourself from that which is false.” The arbitration is totally a false issue.4