03 May 2021


we identified the most common clusters of sub-optimal outcomes observed vis a vis those generic goals of a high-performing data science team. (我们 对比着 高绩效数据科学团队的目标,识别出了几个仅仅局部优化的输出结果。)

这里用到了一个词组 vis a vis,应该是来自法语的 vis à vis,即face to face,面对面,引申为关于、对比。读作 [ˈviːzaˈviː]。有时候,也写作 vis-à-vis。

many agencies now have a unit to deal with women's needs vis-à-vis employment. 很多机构现在成立了单独的部门处理妇女们 关于 工作的需求。在这里,用作介词,类似于 with regard to。

they sat vis-a-vis at the table. 他们在桌旁面对面坐着。

另外,从法语借来的还有 tete-a-tete 头对头,比如a tete-a-tete supper,二人烛光晚餐。英语真是很喜欢借法语单词呢。

需要注意是:There's a slightly pedantic ring to the term vis-a-vis so use it with caution. It's more a term that might be used in a newspaper article or academic treatise, and something best avoided in speech altogether, unless you're deliberately aiming for comic effect.1 一般会在报纸和学术文章中用,在口语中不建议使用 vis-a-vis,不然会显得有些学究(pedantic)。