05 July 2024

最近在准备一个关于信息安全的培训,提到信息安全,就免不了要谈一谈 Stuxnet。那场攻击直接把伊朗核武器开发进度减慢了 1 整年。

Stuxnet hasn’t vanished, but it is not a major cybersecurity threat today. In fact, while Stuxnet grabbed a lot of headlines due to its dramatic capabilities and cloak-and-dagger origins, it was never much of a threat to anybody other than the Natanz facility that was its original target.

因为 Stuxnet 是美国和以色列情报机构联合开发的,所以这段话里描述它是源自 cloak-and-dagger 披风与短剑是间谍常见的装扮,所以这个短语指间谍故事,也用来形容神神秘秘、鬼鬼祟祟的事情。

I’m tired of all these cloak-and-dagger meetings - let’s discuss the issues openly. 我厌倦这种神神秘秘的会议了,让我们开诚布公地讨论吧。

In 1974, ballet star Baryshnikov defected from the Soviet Union. He talks about his cloak-and-dagger escape. 芭蕾明星 Baryshnikov 通过一次秘密行动逃离苏联。

His cloak-and-dagger escape helped make him a cultural celebrity. “Soviet Dancer in Canada Defects on Bolshoi Tour,” the New York Times declared on its front page.