19 February 2024

David Myers 的《犹太简史》(Myers 2017) 中提到犹太人之间的关系时,用到了 parlance 这个词:

In jocular parlance today, Jews often refer to one another as “members of the tribe” (MOTs).

这句话的意思是说,根据开玩笑的说法,犹太人把自己的同伴称为部落成员( MOT )。

学法语的同学看到这个 parlance 是不是觉得很熟悉呀? 法语“说”的动作 parler 似乎跟这个词同源的么。而 parlance 则是说的名词化,即“说法”。

再举个例子,这篇关于错误信息传播的文章中用到了这个词:According to the European Union, these concepts are “modern parlance for perennial phenomena such as propaganda and conspiracy theories”. 即根据现代的说法,误导信息传播是一个一直存在的现象。

再比如:The network perimeter protection idea comes from the ancient technique of using walls such as Hadrian’s Wall or the Great Wall for protecting a city. In networking parlance, a zone called a Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), aka a perimeter network, is created. (Rashid et al. 2021)

In the parlance of the IEEE standard, tininess is detected after rounding: Detecting tininess after rounding results in fewer spurious underflow signals. (Waterman and Asanović 2019)

另外一个词,parley 似乎也是和parler, parlance同源,它的意思是和谈。比如说:We arranged a parley with her. 我们跟她安排了一场和谈/谈判。


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