18 June 2024

今天听World Today国际新闻听到这个单词 tantamount :

Hamas has responded to a US ceasefire proposal to end the war in Gaza, but Israel says the response is tantamount to a rejection.


tantamount 相当于、相等于、等同于

来源于拉丁语 tandem amonter = so amount to

一般都是跟着 to 一起使用 tantamount to:

Not to give an answer is tantamount to a refusal. 不答覆等於拒绝

Zuma’s MK party asks electoral court to order a rerun of May vote: The MK Party won 14.5 percent of the vote, which translates into 58 seats in the National Assembly, but claims that the declared result and Ramaphosa’s re-election was tantamount to a coup. 南非前总统雅各布·祖玛要求五月选举重来,认为现总统马塔梅拉·西里尔·拉马福萨再次参选等同于政变。

法语ê tre équivalent à

德语 gleichbedeutend mit etw. sein